Welcome to rate My Dive Bar... the beginning

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Rate My Dive Bar- RMDB is launched of the idea that we need to celebrate the honored, yet seedy, institution of the Dive Bar. Dive Bars around the world have been incubators of ideas, businesses, loves, and an occasional brawl. These are the places where the people go to grab a drink!

While I, the guy in the pic below, is the creator of this website, blog, and community forum, it is hardly a solo effort. As the entries begin and I post up interviews, bar crawls, and dive bars the contributors, you the people, will be the real MVPs. This is a work in progress and I hope you join us along the way.

We will be getting the Rate My Dive Bar Gear in soon and then the real fun begins- spreading the word to the dive bar community. We are already a few Brand Ambassadors strong and we will be adding many more- let me know if you want to join the crew.

Our first adventure is not yet planned, but if you have an idea for the first bar visit, drop us a line and let me know why we should visit your dive bar!

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